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I Can Drive 55!

The faster you drive, the faster Sammy Hagar sings

Beat Governor

The audio sequencer that plays at your speed

About Speed Governors

55 and the Beat Governor are inspired by an old cousin of cruise control...

Mandelic Spiral

Exploring attractive orbits in the Mandelbrot set

Mandelbrot/Julia Explorer

Click near the boundary of the Mandelbrot set to see the associated Julia set

Addiction and Distraction

Online game: How well can you add single-digit numbers?

Numbers, by the Numbers

How many numbers are there in the Book of Numbers? And what do they all add up to?


Visualization of sound, with analysis by Loris

True local clock

Local noon is when the sun reaches its highest point

Kitchen Timer

Four burners and the oven can count down independently

QUB Software

Free software for simulating and analyzing single-molecule recordings

Classical Guitar

[album cover]
Listen to a few tracks


Notification sounds